Dog Training Tips – Stopping A Dog From Barking

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 Jim Leske, animal trainer for Expert Village

Today’s topic, we’re going to talk a little bit about getting your dog to stop barking. It’s amazing how many owners ask this question. And there’s some very very simple basic dos and don’t to that. The most common mistake I see so many people make is that when their dog is barking, they come up and they pet the dog and they tell them how good they are and they tell them to be quiet and reassure them that you’re home and here and everything is okay. In human terms, that works, in dog terms what you’re doing is rewarding your dog for barking so the best thing to do is not reward your dog for the barking. Another good example is that when you come home and the dog is barking at the door and you open the door and come in, or even the other way around, if the dog is at the door barking and you let him out, you’re still training them to bark and so as an example, when they are barking, it’s always no or quiet, use a very stern no voice, be consistent, pick a word and stick with it and then reward the quiet.

Always reward the right behavior and you always end up with a wonderful pet, like Bear and Tess here. I’m Jim Leske and thanks for checking in with us. That wraps up our conclusion here of basic dog training obedience tips. Thanks for watching..

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